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charities which fulfil the following criteria ...

We will  support

We aim to particularly focus on charities operating in Surrey and to help with local projects wherever possible. We will consider charities operating in London and the south-east generally if they fit our other criteria.


We tend to support small to medium sized charities rather than large national charities. We particularly like to support smaller locally-based organisations offering relief to, and working with people in need, of all ages, and for whatever reason, and empowering them to live better, fuller lives.


Our preference is for charities where overheads and fundraising costs are kept to a minimum and our grant will have maximum impact. We will not usually make grants to:

  • charities that are mainly funded by statutory authorities 

  • charities with an income exceeding £4m.


There are no minimum or maximum amounts given, but an average grant will be in the region of £500 - £5000. 

We like to support organisations working with people in need, so the charities we have helped span a variety of sectors which address a wide range of needs.


See some of the charities we have supported

NB  Unsolicited applications will be automatically rejected

Supporting charities which bring about positive changes in peoples' lives

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