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Our grants have covered a wide range of sectors, areas and beneficiaries. The type of charities we particularly like to support are the following:

Charities providing practical help to vulnerable families, especially those targeting early intervention.



Charities supporting vulnerable young people and encouraging them to overcome obstacles to become resilient, independent and fulfilled young adults and those which provide them with opportunities to train and develop new skills to reduce social and economic disadvantage.

Children and Young People

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Charities providing practical help to vulnerable adults including those in the criminal justice system, the homeless, the long-term unemployed and ex-service personnel, particularly those which support such people to move on and rebuild their lives.

Vulnerable Adults


Charities supporting the elderly and enriching their lives

Elderly People


Charities supporting and enhancing the lives of people suffering from physical, mental and learning difficulties, and those supporting and helping them to transition into adulthood and independent living.

People suffering from disabilities


Charities supporting education and conducting research into ways to relieve poverty and social inequality through education and other means, and into the root causes of low educational attainment and challenging behaviour.

Education and Research


The Arts

Charities supporting world class arts, improving access to art for those from deprived backgrounds, and using art as an instrument for social change or community cohesion.



Charities ranging from supporting medical research, to specialist care homes and hospices,  and charities providing treatment and support for specific illnesses.



Charities helping to relieve poverty, disease and disadvantage in Africa, and those aiming to build the capacity of local partners to develop long-term sustainable solutions to local problems.

See some of the charities we have supported

NB  Unsolicited applications will be automatically rejected

Supporting charities which bring about positive changes in peoples' lives

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